Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Math With My Duaghter

Driving home from the grocery store, my daughter and I got into math related to the Golden Hour.  You see, my 8th grade daughter had recently shared with me her discovery of the Goden Hour and I was noting that we had just hit the tail end of tonight's Golden Hour.  I then explained to her how many Golden Hours we can expect in a lifetime.  Since we have approximately 50 cloudy days in Chula Vista in a year, we can count on about 300 Golden Hours a year.  Lifespans are generally 70 years.  So, that's 21,000 Golden Hours.  Since she has already lived nearly 15 years (She needed to remind me that she is 13, but we are estimating here, so back off on the specifics), she only has about 16,500 Golden Hours left.  Me, on the other hand, having pushed pass that Golden number of 50 can only count on, Lord willing, another 6,000 Golden Hours.  In the end, I'm so blessed and grateful to have enjoyed the latest Golden Hour with my thoughtful and kind daughter.  Life is a very precious gift and savoring a moment with my daughter on cloudy days or sunny always adds up to a good day and time well spent.  Who says nothing gold can stay?