Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Planning with the end in mind

Carol Ann Tomlinson elaborates on the subject of having clear objectives for a lesson. She states:
During planning, a teacher should generate specific lists of what students should know (facts), understand (concepts and principles), and be able to do (skills) by the time the unit ends. Then the teacher should create a core of engaging activities that offer varied opportunities for learning the essentials she has outlined.

This idea of backwards planning is one that we will be engaging in as we begin to map out our Language Arts block on June 20. It's an excellent practice that can be applied on a teacher, grade level, or school level.

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MsChicago said...

I can truly appreciate Tomlinson's idea of generating lists for what the child should know, understand, and use along the way. The idea of working backwards to go forward reminds me of a trip one might take. We decide where the great vacation spot will be and then, plan on how we intend to get there...what stops to make and really appreciate later! I will keep this in mind on my new trip next year making sure that kids stop at all the important spots. I may have to stop along the way with them, but, hopefully, we will all end up in the same place! I just hope I don't get car sick along the way!!!!