Sunday, August 14, 2005

We don't need no stinking writing program!

That's a take off from some bad movie, I think. Regie Routman would agree that there is no perfect writing program that is waiting for us to discover it. We need to develop into a team of excellent writing teachers.
Ms. Routman provides a summary of the main components of a writing workshop:
1. Establish a genuine purpose and audience for all writing
2. Start by demonstrating (writing aloud, shared writing, sharing exemplary writing).
3. Gradually release responsibility to students (a samll group or partners conversing before writing or writing together, sustained writing with your guidance).
4. Celebrate, respond, evaluate, teach, amd move forward (have conferences with students).

We will be focusing our staff development this year on the second and fourth items on the list, but I think the first one bears constant attention. Students will genuinely be excited about writing when the writing has a real purpose and a clearly intended audience.


Tim said...

Hello Daniel,
I enjoy your weblog. We too will be focusing on writing this year. I will enjoy reading your weblog as you move forward.

Best wishes,
Tim Lauer

danw said...

Hi Tim,

Thanks for stopping by. We would love to hear about your experiences with writing as well.

Take care