Friday, October 21, 2005

Encouraging Words

Ms. Eilat's 5th graders took the time to write me a thoughtful and kind note on Boss's Day and I thought I would take the opportunity to reciprocate by sharing a letter of gratitude with them.

Dear Mighty 5th Graders,

Your letter on Monday really made my day. I appreciate the thoughts which were both kind and funny! I hope you appreciate the power writing has on people. Your letter lifted my spirits and encouraged me even thought quitting is the last thing on my mind. Working at Halecrest is truly a joy because of the dedicated and inspiring young people, like yourselves, as well as the professional and compassionate staff, like Ms. Eilat. I hope you will continue to develop those outstanding writing skills and use them to write notes and letters to your family and friends who have helped you along the way.


Dan Winters

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