Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Boys will be boys

I definitely saw the trend during my 17 years in high school. Compared to girls, boys struggle in school. Year after year, the top performers were overwhelmingly females. Here's an article from the Kansas City Star that refers to current brain research that finds that, by golly, boys are wired differently than girls. Here's a suggestion for teachers if they have some over-active boys, and who doesn't?

Gurian urges teachers to allow kids — boys in particular — to walk freely around the room, squeeze stress balls, deliver papers to the principal’s office, build a report instead of writing one, and work often in same-sex groups.

Good food for thought. Giving a little latitude might help some students perform. Of course, in one particular 2nd grade class, (you know who you are!) you might have more traffic than an Indy speedway.