Sunday, May 27, 2007

Technology in service of Education

This post from Edustat underscores how technology as a focus is doomed to fail. Here is what they say must happen with our teaching so that technology can actually be of some use.

Move all rote curriculum to the web for immediate student review and to free teachers from the tedium of delivery and assessment chores of this kind of content
Design more motivating and rigorous assignments
Redefine literacy to include web literacy and global communication literacy
Shift the balance of control between learners and the organization of school
Redefine education from the child to the whole family
Redefine the job description of students to be content producers as well as consumers
Redefine the job description of teachers as building learning communities instead of teaching 20 individuals in a classroom
We need to redefine leaders to be innovators and team leaders instead of managers

Challenging thoughts, especially when one considers the high cost of keeping up with the technology bandwagon.


Kelly Christopherson said...

I wouldn't say technology is a bandwagon but more a social reality. A bandwagon usually is brought on trying to fix a problem. It is suppose to be the fix for the problem. Technology comes from outside and is growing outside of education in many different sectors - Grammar programs are not. I agree with many of their ideas. We have to move away from technology being the "wow" factor and seeing how we can let the students use it to create responses to what is presented to them. So, instead of always having to write a report or make a poster, they can do so much more and, on the side of the teacher, we can present them with different perspectives and ideas not just those found in a few books. But, yes, we need to move past the technology. I'm not using a $2,000 pen - I have an entire movie making, radio making, idea sorting, question answering device that will allow me to explore pretty much anything (except how Cadbury gets the caramel inside their bars!)It is only a tool - much like a textbook. Teachers need to see that, embrace it and dive in before we're so far out that we're out of touch.

danw said...

Well said, Kelly. Teachers need to understand the ever increasing role technology is playing in the lives of their students and maximize those tools to engage them in activities of substance.