Saturday, July 14, 2007

Model the modeling

While preparing for 07-08, I've been thinking how I need to restructure my work as a Principal to support the learning of teachers and students. One area that I can definitely be more effective is by modeling with staff how I expect them to work with students. Here's what that means:
1. Presenting teacher training using effective instructional strategies
2. Provide consistent and ongoing feedback to teachers on their performance for improvement. (This will involve choosing appropriate assessments of performance that can provide objective data for teachers to ponder)
3. Demonstrate how technology can accelerate learning for teachers and students.
4. Differentiate my approach with every teacher. Deliver training and feedback that is tailored to individuals' strengths and weaknesses.

This is all the more significant in that our instructional focus in the fall will be "modeling". It sure would be nice if the Principal actually provided consistent examples of the type of instruction that should be going on in the classroom. Let's hope I'm up to the task.


Junie B. said...

You are not the only one thinking about how you can restructure things for 07-08. I have just returned from the National Conference on Differentiated Instruction (amazing conference!) with many new ideas/programs that will help me meet each of my new students at their individual learning level. One of the presenters had a wealth of information on how to incorporate technology into the classroom even with the youngest learners. That will be one area for me to work on during the new year. I was also very fortunate to attend the training on Singapore Mathematics. The program supports a model-drawing approach to word problems that I think could benefit all of our students. I can't wait to try the approach with my new students especially the ones that have already demonstrated their ability with number sense skills. I am looking forward to a great year of differentiated instruction and learning!

danw said...

I'll be sure to prep one of your students on the pros of Singapore math. Maybe we'll read some of the TIMMS report findings as a real aloud just for fun! I'm sure her math teacher mother will be thrilled.

Junie B. said...

The TIMSS report places Singapore first in both grades 4 and 8 for the last three reporting periods. The 07 data won't be available until Dec 08 but my guess is that the trend will continue. The US has plenty of room for improvement. The report is great reading for those of us who are data/research driven but my guess is that incoming first graders would prefer the adventures of Arthur, Junie B., Frog and Toad or some other storybook character! :) Happy reading!