Monday, September 03, 2007

The Fall

I don't know what the research says about year round school, because I really don't care. There is only one day of the year to start school and that is the day after Labor Day! Those poor fools who started in July are all messed up.

The first day of school is tomorrow and I can't wait. Eager little kids in their new clothes and school tools will be flocking to our doors while parents drop them off with either a sigh of relief (Grades 1-6) or a tear or two (Kindergarten). Though there are a few kids who are nervous and anxious about the new year, most of the kids I meet are excited and enthusiastic. Their enthusiasm is only matched by their teachers, those amazing individuals who spend their life (literally) coming up with new ways to motivate, educate, train, and inspire little minds.

Wherever you are starting the new school year I wish you a hearty Happy New Year! Before you know it we'll be hosting a Fall Festival and counting down the days to the Holiday Season.

Best wishes as you create memorable learning experiences for every child.

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