Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Inspired by Ruth, one of the Two Writing Teachers, here are my thoughts on this fine day.

Today I had space to think, and listen, and learn with colleagues for 7 whole hours.
Today I observed committed professionals doing the same ... and enjoying their good work.
Today I laughed at heartfelt texts from some friends.
Today I took a short walk in the middle of the day and marveled at the breathtaking beauty of a fall day.
Today I enjoyed a juicy navel orange and was able to avoid the guilt of a second muffin.
Today I marveled at the power of a small number of negative thoughts to bring productive work to a halt.
Today I gave a genuine compliment and realized I give too few of those.
Today I swallowed my monstrous pride and asked a rival for help and it was very wise.


Ruth (Two Writing Teachers) said...

Daniel --
Thanks for sharing your writing with me. It does sound like a "fine day" . . . your line about the genuine compliment resonated with me.
Happy writing,

dcowart said...

Hey Dan, I did one too. I liked the idea. I liked your list. I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.


danw said...

Thanks Don,

Nothing like a few hours of downtime to allow for some good thinking and writing. I really liked your list. It sounded like a satisfying day of rest with family.