Monday, May 30, 2011

Are you Talking to Me?

If there is one trait that sets apart good leaders from great, it is the ability to listen. Here's how Liz Wiseman describes that trait.
Liberators are more than just good listeners. They are ferocious listeners. They listen to feed their hunger for knowledge. They listen to learn what other people know and add it to their reservoir of knowledge.
This type of listening is possible only if you th ink others have ideas worth thinking about. The Tyrant believes he has all the answers and is rarely ready to hear, acknowledge, and implement an idea that doesn't come from his own head.


Anonymous said...

Yes, a good leader should have the ability to listen, to communicate well with others, to lead by example and of course to have the capacity of coming up with new ideas.

Last year, I've took part to a Toronto management training course and I must admit that I've found out some things about which I had no idea... it was really useful.

danw said...

For me, this is such a challenge. I have to consciously tell myself as others are talking to stop the dialogue in my head and listen carefully to their point of view, idea, train of thought and logical progression. It makes such a big difference.