Sunday, July 10, 2011

Learning Presentations

As a Principal, I have many opportunities to present to teachers and on some occasions to my Principal peers. This important form of communication and teaching is one of the primary attributes of a leader. Below are the questions that I ponder to develop and execute the most effective presentations possible.

1. Consider what I want my audience to know and be able to do both at the end of the meeting and at some future date (e.g. end of quarter, semester, year)
2. What is the best way to deliver the content?
3. How can I grab their attention at the outset?
4. Where can I include opportunities for dialogue, discussion, and collaboration?
5. How much time should I provide for my audience to plan and develop next steps with the content?
6. How can I leave them with a bent toward action and an emotional connection with the work?

I will flesh out these questions in the next few posts to explain how I attempt to deliver quality professional development and increase the learning of my staff and colleagues.

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