Thursday, April 12, 2012

Getting Things Rolling

Photo Credit: Kevin Cochran

Michael Fullan likes checklists and another list he has is around a concept he calls Motion Leadership.  It is really about creating a culture where change can flourish.  An effective leader builds the systems, conditions, and processes that will develop sound decision making. He quotes Schwartz and Sharpe in their book Practical Wisdom, "(System Changers) .. have to build institutions with the culture and organization to encourage wisdom in everyday practice.  they have to create communities of practitioners who not only nurture moral skill but help inspire moral will, the commitment to o right by those the practitioners serve."  Fullan gives his checklist to create such a culture:

  1. Relationships First
  2. Beware of Fat Plans (My favorite)
  3. Behaviors before beliefs
  4. Honor the implementation dip
  5. Communication during implementation is paramount
  6. Learn about implementation during implementation
  7. Excitement prior to implementation is fragile
  8. Take risks and learn
  9. It is OK to be assertive
What would be on your checklist for creating cultures that embrace learning and change?

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