Sunday, March 02, 2014

From Chaos to Clarity

Chaos, multitasking, overwhelming, Television and Social Media, Inbox NOT Zero
7 open books, 17 open tabs on Chrome, 15 active windows on desktop
Open loops, indecision, Watching, Tweeting, Superficial
Divided Attention, Weeds, Choking, Distraction
Pruning, Cutting, Prioritizing, Eliminating
Choosing, Saying No, Humility
Audience of One
Totally Present


Meg Blaze said...

I can relate. I like the form you choose, many words and distractions pruned and funneled into clarity.

Kelly Mogk said...

Ahh, clarity. I love how your poem transitions from so.much.stuff. to take care of on each line to the simple one word at the end. Lovely. Glad you're slicing with us!

Lee Corey said...

This is great! You've concisely captured so many of our distractions. It's difficult to decide what to give up in order to be successful with this type of challenge.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have a great strategy for staying focused! Loved your poem. Thanks for sharing.