Thursday, April 09, 2015

A Gift Granted on Reading Comprehension

Grant Wiggins is on fire - sharing his thoughts on reading research and instruction over at his excellent blog.  Check out the entire series (He's not done yet) and don't stop until you've read the comments for some great example of arguing with evidence.

Part 1 Maybe we Really Don't Understand What Readers Do - And Why it Matters
Part 2  What the Research Really Reveals
Part 3 My 200th Post on Literacy
Part 4 Research on the Comprehension Strategies - a Closer Look
Part 5 A Key Flaw in Using the Gradual Release of Responsibility
Part 6 My First Cut at Recommendations

I especially appreciate his 8th suggestion on this last post.

Am I doing enough ongoing formal assessment of student comprehension, strategy use, and tolerance of ambiguity?

Just the fact that an educator acknowledges that we need to teach and measure something like tolerance for ambiguity is satisfying.  Mr. Wiggins is not settling for superficial teaching of basic skills.  He wants students who understand the purpose of reading, monitor their own comprehension and take ownership of the strategies they need to use to overcome that ambiguity.

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