Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Hmmm, one post a month! What does seem to be the problem here?
Since we have been focusing on math instruction this month I thought it interesting to note the connections between the Marilyn Burns article on Math instruction with the Regie Routman principles. Here are Marilyn's 10 Big Ideas for Math. Notice how they dovetail nicely with Routman.

1. Success comes from understanding.
2. Have Students explain their reasoning.
3. Math class is a time for talk.
All three of these reinforce Routman's emphasis on thinking and giving students opportunity to think and discuss before writing.

4. Make writing a part of math learning
I think Regie would give a hearty cheer to this statement.

5. Present math activities in context.
Authentic math activities makes as much sense as an authentic writing activity with a real audience.

6. Support learning with manipulatives.
7. Let your students push the curriculum.
8. The best activities meet the needs of all students.
Whether it's shared writing,independent reading, or conferring with students, Routman always keeps differentiation and individual needs in the forefront.

9. Confusion is part of the process. (No, this is not in reference to one of my e-mails!)
10. Encourage different ways of thinking.

These are a few connections I've noted. Basically, good instruction has many common attributes.

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