Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Literacy in the content areas

Two of my favorite teacher bloggers are crying foul about the literacy first, last, and only folks. Go read their posts here and here and let them know you feel their pain and love their content, which is one of the greatest keys for developing fully mature literacy skills, beginning... in the womb!


EHT said...

Thank you, my dear, thank you!

Junie B. said...

There is nothing greater than to see a young reader excited about the newest fact they have discovered from a non-fiction text. I have seen greater gains in comprehension, fluency and vocabulary by incorporating non-fiction texts into the literacy block from the beginning of the year. Incorpoating non-fiction also allows young learners to develop into proficient writers by giving them facts to write about. They can use the photographs to gleam information in the beginning while they develop their word decoding skills. By integrating content into the literacy block, you create more time for deeper conversations about books, independent reading and hands-on experiences.