Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My best day ever...well pretty close

Despite a frantic work day that included lots of preparation for end of the year activities, I had a great day because it was Twin Day at our school and my twin was a cute little 1st grader named Emily who was tickled pink to be my twin; she also just happens to be my daughter. Now, I had way too many people remind me that I should cherish this moment since she'll soon avoid me like the plague any day now. So, although I refuse to buy into their cynicism, I have fully enjoyed being her favorite twin for this day at least and I've got the photos to blackmail her if she starts getting nasty around Middle School.

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Junie B. said...

What a great day it was for your little curly one! Glad to know that it was a good day for you too. Her classmates were so envious! They thought she was the luckiest person ever to be able to be a twin with the principal. They couldn't stop talking about it after you stopped by to visit. She was so excited to tell me how you went shopping together to find the clothes. Glad to know you have pictures in case they are needed in the future! :)